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Newman Selective Gifted Education Program

The Newman Selective Gifted Education Program at Marist Sisters’ College enriches and extends selected students as part of a whole school learning plan. It fosters students with the skills to achieve a deeper understanding of their subjects by integrating complex conceptual knowledge as well as applying lessons learned in the classroom to plan solutions to real-world problems.

Students identified as high ability require either (or a combination of) pace, complexity, depth or breadth in their curriculum in Years 7 to 10.

Each year in November, students in the Newman Selective Gifted Education Program showcase their learning in a symposium.


The Newman Program is named after Cardinal John Henry Newman (1801 – 1890), who embraced rigour and diversity as an essential part of education. He followed truth, intellect, creativity and during his lifetime helped establish Catholic schools and universities which were predicated on developing a more just society. We aim to instil these values in all students at Marist Sisters’ College. The College recognises that part of academic achievement is a student’s emotional and mental wellbeing. As such, a unique aspect of the College is the pastoral care and respect for learning that staff instill in their students. Moreover, students are encouraged to take risks in order to enrich their learning process, with the intention of making them more resilient people when they finish their time at the College.

What distinguishes the way the Newman Program is delivered at the College is the enrichment that takes curiosity, creativity and critical thinking as benchmarks for cultivating abilities within students. As part of celebrating academic achievements across all subjects, student work is exhibited as part of a symposium. This event takes place towards the end of each year and is a forum for students to exhibit projects they have worked on. It provides an opportunity to recognise the efforts of students across Years 7-10 and showcase their work for their parents and others in the College community.

A variety of data sources are used to help understand students’ needs prior to their commencement at MSCW. These sources include:

  • Allwell Testing
  • PAT Data (Reading and Maths)
  • Year 5 NAPLAN results
  • Students’ participation in standardised testing and competitions
  • Year 6 school report and teacher recommendations
  • Enrolment information.

This variety allows a clear profile to be made about a student’s needs, which includes identifying those areas where the student requires further development and extension.