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Our Marist Vision

‘Developing a compass for Life’


As a College staff we are committed to bringing the story of Mary alive and making it relevant to our Marist girls. To do this we provide formational experiences for each of our students which enable them to live life to the full. These experiences will provide opportunities for them to “think, judge, feel and act” as Mary. By doing so, we assist them to navigate their way through all aspects of life – the heart of our work at Marist Sisters’ College, Woolwich.


Our Marist Compass

Our aim is for all members of the College community, through the symbolism of the ‘Marist Compass’, to assist every student to develop their own. This will enable and encourage students to contribute to the greater good, value their self-worth, make a unique impact on the world and nurture a love of Life.



MSCW is committed to providing opportunities for young women to develop these four dimensions and to prepare graduates, equipped with a
‘Marist Compass’ to successfully navigate Life and make a
valuable contribution to a better
community and world.