NASA Space Camp
Empowered for Life

A life-changing journey to NASA promises to inspire the ultimate STEM career for more than 70 junior students from 11 schools in NSW when they journey to world-renowned CASE Space School in the USA during the school holidays.

At the end of Semester 1, five students from Marist Sisters College are looking forward to finding out about STEM careers and the science involved in the space industry, as well as meeting like-minded girls from other schools.

As part of an Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia expedition in partnership with Actura, the two-week program, dubbed ‘youth astronaut training’ inspires skill development simply not possible in a school environment.

The students create strong teams as they work together on simulated missions, test space suits in low gravity environments, build rockets, delve into marine biology and robotics and explore personal growth skills.

The trip is the ultimate immersive experience for students interested in STEM.

‘The girls will experience first-hand how science, technology, engineering and maths can be applied in a creative and exciting professional setting, an ideal way to inspire them into STEM careers,’ said Dr Ireland.

‘As educators we are thrilled that our students will have this unique chance to acquire new skills to equip them for the rapidly changing workplace and other challenges of the future.’

‘We hope an experience like this ignites a fire within these young women to go out start changing the STEM gender statistics,’ she said.

The trip will take place from 30 June – 13 July.

 Some of the trip highlights:

  • Tour the Johnson Space Centre – NASA’s leading facility
  • Mission training – limited gravity trainer
  • Teamwork to solve simulated missions
  • Construct and launch a rocket
  • CSI style forensics course
  • Marine Biology course
  • Space suits, living in space and the shuttle program
  • Meet a NASA astronaut