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The College proudly bears the history and charism of the Society of Mary (Marists) who commenced their work in Lyon, France in 1816. By 1824, the Marist Sisters had begun their apostolic work across Europe led by their Founder, Jeanne-Marie Chavoin.

In 1909 the College was established by these Marist Sisters (French, English and Irish) who settled in Woolwich to bring Marist education to the young women of Sydney. Today the College is a thriving educational and faith community beautifully situated in leafy grounds overlooking the Lane Cove River just a few kilometres from the heart of Sydney.

Students have a diverse range of talents and interests. We welcome and provide for girls who are gifted in academic, creative, STEM and sporting areas as well as girls with special learning challenges. Our Marist philosophy is a personal one and is directed towards the potential of each individual. The College provides differentiated learning experiences to engage students at all levels. The essence of the College’s profile is found in its mission:

‘Marist education: developing a compass for Life’

The College’s vertical House system and wellbeing structures reflect these values.The College enjoys an outstanding reputation for academic achievement and success. This is clearly reflected in its NAPLAN and HSC results. The College consistently attains scores in both testing programs that are well above State and National averages. The College has an outstanding and dedicated staff who care deeply for the students in their care.

Today, an education from the College develops the students as learners competent in using 21st century skills in the world they will one day lead. There is a pervading focus on building student leadership capacity and service to others. For more than 100 years, the College has farewelled its graduates equipped for success.

The College respects its traditions and looks to the future with great confidence.