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Student Leadership Opportunities

The College offers students a range of student leadership opportunities at the College.

Student Leadership Team

The Student Leadership Team consists of:

  • College Co-captains
  • Liturgy Captains
  • Social Justice Co-captains
  • House Co-captains
  • Sports Co-captains
  • Debating Captain
  • Creative Arts Co-captains
  • WSU Co-presidents

The Woolwich Student Union

Students from Year 7 to 12 are able to join the Woolwich Student Union (“the WSU”). Students are given the opportunity to provide a student voice through the WSU. The WSU’s objectives are:

  • to operate in the best interests of the student body;
  • to recognise the individual as part of our College community, and to promote smooth induction of new girls;
  • to promote equal opportunities and understanding regardless of race, colour or creed;
  • to develop the potential of individuals;
  • to develop the lines of communication between girls and staff, and girls and the Parents and Friends Association;
  • to build up College spirit through a wide variety of activities such as social, sporting, fund-raising, cultural and educational activities;
  • to acknowledge and act upon issues concerning the wider community.

AMICA (Peer Support) Program

Amica is a French word meaning “little friend”. The peer support program is designed to assist the smooth transition of our Year 7 students to life at the College. Amica provides an avenue for Year 10 students to take on a leadership role and look out for others in our College Community.

The program aims to develop leadership skills of our Year 10 students and in particular their communication,  problem solving and peer mentoring skills.