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Parent Engagement

Our MSCW Parent Engagement Model strives to build quality relationships across the College community.


  • A model of partnership with parents and families to increase parental engagement, belonging and communication;
  • An avenue for parents to be involved in the College community with parents of their daughter’s year group;
  • Helping out and working with other parents in a service or social event;
  • Providing a parental perspective to assist the Principal in decision making;
  • Organising and running events that support the values and strategic directions of the College.

Parental Perspective:

Parent Engagement Focus groups, consisting of parents from each year level, provide a parental perspective and voice to areas such as faith formation, student welling and learning, policy development, uniform and relevant topics for Parent Information nights.

Each Year level is supported by Parent Year Coordinators (a team of four/five parents).

A Parent Year Coordinator’s role is two-fold:

  • Part of the Parent Engagement Group meeting approximately twice a year; and
  • Overseeing the coordination of one Year level event.

Events Hosted by each year group of parents:

  • Year 7: Year 6 Orientation Afternoon Tea (Term 1)
  • Year 8: Campus Experience afternoon/evening BBQ (Term 1)
  • Year 9: Mother/Daughter Mass and supper (Term 2)
  • Year 10: Father’s Day Mass and Breakfast (Term 3)
  • Year 11: Year 12 Graduation supper (Term 3)
  • Year 12: Year 7 Welcome evening (Term 1)

These opportunities allow parents and carers to engage in an activity that has a focus on “friend-raising” among parents. In addition, they build community and provide a satisfying opportunity to “pay it forward” by modelling service to another group of parents.