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Differentiated Learning & Teaching

The foundation of learning across the College is through a pedagogy of differentiated teaching that modifies teaching and learning activity and assessment to meet students at their point of learning need, be that beyond the classroom curriculum or at an emerging skill level.

Differentiation is reliant on the students being known as learners and to accommodate, their specific learning needs and accommodating these needs. Effective teaching and learning strategies include critical and creative thinking, problem solving and the use of technology. It is through these differentiated approaches that we inspire students and fuel their motivation to engage in their own learning.

The differentiated approach to learning and teaching is one that is based on the teacher knowing the strengths and areas needing improvement of each student.

At Marist Sisters’ College data, such as standardised tests and pre-assessment of learning, to establish authentically challenging tasks and assessment for all students, regardless of student ability, informs learning and teaching practices.