Father Daughter Liturgy
and Breakfast

Our Year 10 parents hosted the annual Father Daughter Liturgy and Breakfast

Our Assistant REC and the College Liturgy Captains lead the Liturgy with the following introduction:

We gather today to give thanks for, to celebrate and to bless our fathers, grandfathers and father figures.
For most of us, this is a special opportunity to let our fathers, grandfathers and father figures know how much we love them and how grateful we are for them and for all they do for us.
But for some of us, this day carries a feeling of sadness. This day might be a reminder that our father or grandfather has passed away, or that we do not have the opportunity to see our fathers as often as we would like, or that our relationship with our father is not as it might be.
Today, we hold both the joy and the sadness of celebrating our fathers and father figures in our hearts as we pray.
In the gospel stories and parables that Jesus told, we get an image of God as a loving parent – a father – who only wants the best for us and whose love is greater than anything we can measure.
So, let’s remind ourselves of the extraordinary, boundless love of our God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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