Happenings at the College
STEM Success!

Congratulations to our two teams who competed at the NSW Schools Titration Competition at Macquarie University.

Our Year 12 team was awarded 1st place at the Competition.

Olivia Achie, Iveta Gavljak and Maya Chehine were part of the Year 11 team and Anna Dutschke, Alexia Gioia and Stephanie Kisso formed the Year 12 team. These students began their training for this competition at the beginning of the year with numerous early morning sessions to practice accurate titration technique and calculations.

The aim of the competition is to accurately determine the unknown concentration of an acid by using titration techniques. The performance of a team is determined by its total score which is a sum of the scores achieved by each of the team members. The closer a team member is to determining the correct concentration the lower the score. Thus, lower scores are better.  Our Year 12 team scored a 9, which is in the Excellence range (100 or less).

The girls succeeded due to their hard work with the Year 11 team achieving a Certificate of Merit and the Year 12 team being awarded 1st place on the day!

The students are now eagerly waiting to see if the Year 12 winning team will qualify for the National Titration Competition to be held in September.