Girls Learning Opportunities


Core Curriculum @ MSCW



      The curriculum at Marist Sisters' College is broken up into Religious Education and 8 Key Learning Areas (KLAs). The Key Learning Areas are:

      English,  Mathematics,  Science,  HSIE (Human Society and its Environment), Creative Arts,  Languages,  TAS (Technical and Applied Science) and PD/H/PE (Personal Development, Health and Physical Education).

      Marist Sisters' College also offers courses in VET (Vocational Education Training). 

      Outlined under 'Core Curriclum' are the specific courses for the Junior and Senior years. Syllabuses for all these courses can be found at the Board of Studies website.


Co-curricular Education @ MSCW



    Marist Sisters' College offers a wide range of co-curricular activities. Some are academically based whilst others are sporting. For a detailed list of such co-curricular activities visit 'Co-curricular'.


    Colours and badges are presented for excellent performances in leadership, sport and co-curricular activities. On-going recognition of effort and achievement is made weekly in the granting of Principal’s Awards. The traditional program of awards is held annually for excellence in academic, service, leadership and sport activities.

    Learning Matters @ MSCW



    From whichever way you look at it, Learning Matters @ MSCW says it all. These words encompass how we look at learning at the college. As far as the prescribed curriculum is concerned, we offer a broad range of the courses available for study in NSW, as well as courses developed for the Woolwich girls. The Sports program is extensive, because we are committed not only to giving the girls the chance to acquire a range of skills, but also to leading them towards healthy living beyond the stone walls along Woolwich Road. The co-curricular program aims at capturing the specialised interests of the girls; it can vary biennially, according to the interest shown by the girls.

    The success the girls have in these three areas of learning – academic, sporting and co-curricular- is impressive as anyone who follows us in our Newsletter, or who visits the college and looks in cabinets at Reception, knows. Underpinning the endeavours that sit under Learning Matters @ MSCW is the Marist Sisters’ Education Philosophy. The spirit of this philosophy is that staff and girls recognise that education is a broad term, and that its component parts ought not be seen as having discrete existences. When we say we are focussed on developing the whole child, we mean it. We pursue this holistic education relentlessly, just as Jeanne Marie Chavoin and the early Marist Sisters did in post-Revolutionary rural France, in the name of Mary.