MSCW Canteen



The College canteen operates every day of the College year.  It is open from 8:30a.m. if students

wish to purchase a light breakfast.  The canteen is also open at recess and lunch and

provides a variety of healthy hot and cold meals every day.  There are also a variety of hot and cold snacks and a professional coffee machine for hot chocolate and coffee. Canteen lunch orders can be made through the online ordering system, simply register on-line and order up to the evening before.

Read about the online ordering system


Register to make your orders online.          


MSCW Canteen Parent Volunteer Site



For the College Canteen to operate successfully and meet the needs of your daughters it is essential that we have the support of the parents. This support can involve you voluntering your time to assist with the preparation of lunch orders and counter service to the girls during their recess and lunch time breaks.

Volunteers are needed between 9:30 and 14:30 but if you can only spare an hour please contact the Canteen Manager about organising a suitable time.


If you are able to offer a hand please visit the MSCW Care site, use the access code provided in the College Newsletter and the Manager of MSCW's Canteen will contact you to introduce themselves and confirm the date and time you have indicated. Your help is much appreciated.



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